Silver Trident


The Silver Trident, co-designed by Bill Harsey and retired SEAL Master Chief "Patches" Watson, is a superlative combat knife and dive knife.  Click here to Chief "Patches" Watson website.

The blade is made of corrosion-resistant 154CM, a stainless steel with excellent edge-holding capabilities and extraordinary toughness.

The handle is made of the nearly-indestructible Hytrel polymer, and is textured for a positive grip when wet, or while wearing gloves.

The butt of the handle is finished with a stainless steel cap suitable for hammering, breaking glass, and underwater signaling.




Collector's Edition


For many years, William W. Harsey has been one of the top designers of elite military and law enforcement blades. He is known as designer of the Special Forces Yarborough combat knife, designer of the Harsey Tactical Folder, designer of the Gerber Airframe and Air Ranger folders, maker of the Applegate-Fairbairn dagger and Combat Smachet of the late Colonel Rex Applegate, and a design collaborator on the Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn folders.

Retired Navy SEAL Master Chief James "Patches" Watson is a three-tour veteran of Vietnam SEAL teams, and has been decorated in combat 16 times. He is the author of the books Walking Point and Point Man, which both describe SEAL operations in Vietnam.

This limited-edition blade is personally signed by both Bill Harsey and Master Chief Watson. It comes with a signed photo of Bill at work in his shop, a signed copy of Master Chief Watson's book Point Man, and a signed reprint of the May 2003 Tactical Knives magazine review of the Silver Trident.



$299 collector's edition
$199 standard edition
Blade Length: 6.25 in, 15.88 cm
Overall Length: 11.25 in, 28.58 cm
Overall Weight: 11.1 oz, 315 g
Blade Material: 154CM stainless steel
Handle Material: Black Hytrel
Sheath: Black Airborne Deluxe model by Blackhawk Industries, Inc.
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

                Signed Blade |  Signed Designer Photo | Signed Tactical Knives Reprint

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