Show Pictures

At the Oregon Knife Collector's Show in Eugene 2007; myself and son Michael.

Bryan and Irwin at the Winter Mini Show in Eugene 2006

Bryan with customer at the Winter show and also showing toys for tots contributions.

Bill Harsey and my daughter Laura in April 2005

Bryan (myselft) and Renzo at 2005 Shot Show

James Watson, Bryan and Bill Harsey at 2005 Shot Show

Steven Dick, Bryan and Mike Fuller at Shot show 2005

Mike Fuller, John Larson and Steven Dick at Shot Show 2005

Bill Harsey, Chris Reeve and Bryan at Shot Show 2005

James Watson and Bill Harsey at OKCA Show 2006

Bryan and James Watson at my home

Bill Harsey, James Watson and OKCA 2007

Kit Carson, Bryan, and Chief Bronson at Blade 2005

James Watson at OKCA show 2006

Bill Harsey and James Watson at Blade at OKCA show in 2006

Laura, Bill and James at OKCA 2006

Chuck and Robin Mawhinney at Shot show 2006

Dick Marcinko (Rogue Warrior)  and myself at Shot 2006

Bill Harsey, Ken Onion and Bryan in April at OKCA 2005


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